Suzanne Mauro

Book: Executive Image Power

Executive Image Power book cover Summer Reading with a Stylish Purpose:
This is the modern professional’s must-have resource of the year.

Co-authored by leading style experts from across the country, Executive Image Power covers topics including body type, wardrobe essentials, tech etiquette and presentation techniques.

Suzanne’s chapter “Make It Your Best 15 Minutes” showcases her on-air expertise in easy-to-follow steps for immediate, on-camera results.

According to Mauro, mastering style basics like color will lead to professional confidence that will shine through during TV appearances, videos and videoconferences.

So grab a lemonade or an iced latte, find a comfortable reading spot and read your way to career advancement with every meeting and on-screen appearance.

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Quote from Kristine Sorensen, KDKA-TV Anchor/Reporter, Host of “Pittsburgh Today Live”
Suzanne Mauro’s chapter in “Executive Image Power” on dressing for television, video and videoconferencing is something I hope all of our guests will read before appearing on the show I host, “Pittsburgh Today Live”, on KDKA-TV. It is critical information that will help anyone appearing on television, or any two-dimensional medium, look and feel their best so that the information they want to convey is not overwhelmed by a distracting appearance. After 12 years as a television anchor and reporter, I even learned some new information about what looks the best and why it makes the best impression on TV, especially in this new age of High Definition Television.
Kristine Sorensen
Anchor & Reporter
W (412) 575-2361

“I wish this book had been available when I was starting my career! Even
after spending more than 20 years in television reporting the news, there
was so much I learned from Suzanne and her colleagues that I never knew. I
only wish I had access to their wisdom and advice back then. But the
information is especially helpful to me now as as a self-employed businesswoman
dealing with the corporate world. I intend to pass on their pearls of
wisdom to my clients”.

–Sheila Hyland/media coach with
FosterHyland and former TV news anchor
FosterHyland & Associates
408 Bryn Court
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Read Shady Ave Magazine Fall 2009 Issue’s article about the Executive Image Power.

“Make It Your Best 15 minutes” is a must read for anyone working in television or video…whether you’ve been in the business for 15 years or 15 minutes, Executive Image Power is for you!

Celebrity stylist, Suzanne Mauro offers many helpful hints and tips on dressing for the camera, accessorizing, high definition television, and so much more.

I pass it out to all of the talent that I work with who want to look their very best anytime they are on camera.

Patty Bell
Film and Television Makeup Artist and
Owner of On Location Hair and Makeup

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