Suzanne Mauro


“Suzanne was a valuable, professional resource in the redevelopment of our kiosk at SHV Mall. Besides an attractive “new” look, her expertise gave the display style and functionality. She has a great visual presence that is reflected in her work.”
– Mike Swartzmiller, Educational Consultant NNDS

“When PA Cyber Charter School first ventured into shopping mall advertising in 2010, South Hills Village Mall suggested we work with Suzanne Mauro to revise the look of our cart. Suzanne was a delight to work with, and we ended up with a much cleaner, straightforward look and message.”
– Fred Miller, Communications Coordinator, Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

“Suzanne has been a joy to work with. She has a great knowledge of fashion and how it should be presented.”
— Terry Barnhouse, Visual Manager, Nordstrom

“Suzanne Mauro is so easy to work with on camera. She leads you into questions that help the audience understand the segment’s direction. She is very fashion forward and makes runway fashion easy to relate to. I love her eye for style. I can’t wait for her new show to air so I can get fashion savy tips that everyone can afford. I love her personal touches and her love for style. The show will be a hit I’m sure of it…”
—Gina Pravlochak, Makeup Artist, Pittsburgh Beauty on Location

“Susan’s abilities as a stylist are outstanding. She helped transform my professional appearance with her expertise and knowledge of fashion. She listened to me and understood my goals giving me a greater sense of self confidence. I am happy to refer clients and friends to you.”
— Doreen Marsh, Professional School Teacher and Director of Business Development,

“I had so much fun creating this picture with Archie Carpenter and fashionista Suzanne Mauro yesterday. This stylish stylist is so full of life and a blast to be around! Suzanne has got it going on in the fashion scene here in Pittsburgh… and really, she has no boundaries. In addition to being the full-time stylist for Jennifer Antkowiak’s Jennifer Show, she has a number of projects cooking up for the seasons ahead. She’ll travel across the country contributing her talents to Nordstrom’s store opening team, as well as be their visual stylist for the new Pittsburgh store. She’s also a proactive member of the diabetes community supporting Divabetic , an organization devoted to helping those with diabetes live a more inspired and enjoyable life. As Suzanne continues to bring her enthusiasm, expertise and love for fashion to the many facets of the fashion world, I’ll be excited to see what she has in store… (no pun intended 😉 )”
— Rachael Ryan, makeupartist,

“Suzanne Mauro is a rare gem and a true joy.  Working closely with her made me not only appreciate her styling talents and utmost professionalism, but to ultimately rely on them.  She immediately and almost intuitively knew how to creatively collaborate with me and my entire fashion team, even under a busy and demanding show schedule.  She was absolutely indispensable to our success as she brought a generous and effortless competence to every situation with which she was confronted.   She knew precisely how to participate and even improve upon several aspects of our existing program and added a wonderful spark of ingenuity to everything she encountered.  I cannot wait to work with her again and again.  As an added perk, she is a lot of fun to be around as well!  Suffice it to say, this woman delivers above and beyond anyone’s wildest expectations!”
— Catherine Schuller, AICI, CIP, CurveStyle: Reshaping Fashion, DIVABETIC Image and Style Director

“Suzanne Mauro knows fashion!  I was very impressed to work with you during our ‘Lights! Glamour! Action!’ fundraising event.  You put together such a great look for our fashion show that evening.  You really helped to create a movie inspired fashion show and we could not have done it without you!  All of our attendees could not stop talking about what they saw!  You always have such a great eye for current trends, but still keep the look simple enough for everyone’s budget.  You are always innovative and your looks are inspiring.  Thank you for being a part of our event.  We look forward to working with you again!”
— Jessica Conner, Assistant Director, Pittsburgh Film Office

“I love working with Suzanne on fashion shows! She creates dynamic runway looks and has such a detailed eye. Just take a look at her — Suzanne is always perfectly put together, just as a stylist should be!”
— Jennifer J. Petrini, Producer, Her Highness Productions (San Diego, CA)

“If you look up fashion in the dictionary, Suzanne Mauro will be written there somewhere! Not only does she have an amazing sense of style she is a pleasure to work with! I love being around her and she can always light up any room.”
—Catiana, professional model with Docherty Model & Talent Agency (Pittsburgh, PA)

“Suzanne is such a privilege to work with, she’s the best in Pittsburgh!  She has fabulous taste in clothing.  What is so amazing about her styling technique is that she can take two things that you would never think to put together, and make them look perfect.  She is just fun, and loves doing what she is doing, I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!”
Mandy Fierens, model with Heyman Talent Agency (Pittsburgh, PA)